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Music reflects life lived. With Mizgin this is perfectly true. Mizgin's courageous openness and curiousity has brought her far from her native village of Batman, East Turkey. In the same spirit, she played with a lot of nationalities in her carreer. Afghan, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Bulgarian, Iranian, just to name a few. This experience is reflected in Mizgin's music, without her losing her strong Kurdish roots. Listen below.



Listen to songs from Mizgin's album

A love ballad in the Kurdish Dengbejs tradition

Modern interpretation of Kurdish tradiition

Internationally arranged Kurdish love song

Middle East music in a Western mind. Grammy nominated.

Age old Sufi poetry in a rock setting

Interpretation of a Kurdish classic by Mihemet Sexo

"The Nightingale"


One day in Prague...


Copenhagen World Music Festival




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