"... Rarely have traditional styles of singing been so successfully updated..."

Breaking news! Mizgin gets 4 stars in SONGLINES #141. in August. Read  here


Mizgin sings and plays Kurdish Folk music. With a line up of Danish, Afghan and Balkan musicians, her music sparkles and burgeons drawing inspiration from the Kurdish and Turkish songbook, deep sufi music, dylanesque rock poetry and old Nordic songs.


Mizgin has caught attention in many places. Apart from drawing hundreds of thousands of likes from a devoted internet audience, she also performed as a soloist at  Nordic Film Composer’s Awards. She was selected signature voice for queen Nefertiti in a Hollywood TV production, was nominated for Danish Grammy Awards, and received grants from the Danish National Arts Council.


Mizgin is already known by many people living in Europe.  She has performed at many Danish and international music festivals and venues over the last 10 years. She has been portrayed in Danish and Swedish national broadcast.


Lately, Mizgin has been living for two years in her native East Turkey drawing inspiration for her next album. Now she is back and ready to perform at European festivals and venues. A great experience is due:


"I dont know much about Middle East music. But Mizgin - she is pure rock'n'roll!" - Brett Perkins, Copenhagen Songwriters Festival


Like water from a spring

Mizgin’s voice comes from the heart and touches the listener at heart.

No matter where you are from, you will immediately understand that language of emotions that she speaks so fluently. Her songs have no hidden agendas. Her music witnesses many years of listening and a deep intuition of music’s mysterious ways.

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